Just one more day


I have just one more day left, before I go back to my job.  One more day of freedom before I take up the shackles of work again.  I thought I would feel bad.  I do feel a little apprehensive, like a runner about to race, but unexpectedly, I feel quite comforted. Perhaps I like the routine, the little achievements?  I certainly like the pay!  There have been times, I’ll be the first to admit, usually on rainy Monday mornings, when I have fantasized about winning the lottery, never having to work again, free to do what I want, when I want, forever.  I have pictured myself, emailing my boss, telling him that I’m sorry but I won’t be coming back. Ever.

I guess we all think like that, at times.   I thought that, after being away for nine weeks, that I wouldn’t want to go back, but as my sabbatical draws to a close I realize that it’s time. I need this purpose in my life, I need my job.   I don’t doubt for a single second, that when I am in the middle of answering phone calls, emails and rushing to get things done, that I’ll probably think I was mad to want to go back to work, but when you’re not at work, it’s easy to feel unimportant.  You don’t win a pay rise for hoovering, or making a nice meal for the family.  It can be pretty lonely at home too, when everyone else is at work. I’ve kept myself busy, and have filled my days with so many different things and I’ve achieved so much, doing things I’ve always wanted to do. It has been a fabulous time in my life. I am eternally grateful to the company that I work for, that I was given this time.

So, for those of you who are dreading Monday morning, after a weekend at home, here are a few positives about being lucky enough to be in employment:

You get paid.

You get rewarded, usually, if you do a decent job, in one way or another.

You have responsibilities, a purpose, a reason to get up in the morning.

You can make great friends at work. I know I have, many of which I have kept in touch with after I’ve moved on.

You are making a difference by going into work every day.  Someone, somewhere will benefit from you doing your job well.

Imagine, on your way to work, everyone else doing the same, dragging themselves out of bed, packing up their lunch and travelling into work, you’re not the only one!

I like to think about what it would be like if no-one wanted to go to work.  I think about other people doing their jobs that allow me to have the things I need.  The people who work in the supermarkets, so that I can go and buy nice food.  Farmers all over the world, who work in all weathers to produce my food in the first place. The people who work at the power stations, so that I have heat and light, the people who made my laptop and my phone, the people who have made my clothes and shoes.  Millions of people going to work every day, come rain or shine, doing their jobs for mine and others’ benefit.  Small cogs in the big wheel that make a difference to the lives of millions of others. We all make a difference, no matter what job we do.

So I’ll go back to my job on Monday, and I’ll smile and be glad that I’ve got this job, that I’ve got good friends at work, that we’re all working together, to the same goal and I’ll be glad that I’m not sat at home with no money, worrying about paying the bills.

To everyone out there who will be doing the same on Monday, have a great day!