A special wish for you on Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day draws to a close, my thoughts have turned to those people, all over the world, who perhaps haven’t had a special one in their lives today with whom  to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  If this describes you, perhaps it’s because you haven’t met that special someone just yet, or maybe you have lost someone precious through a recent break-up or a bereavement.  If this is you, take heart, don’t lose hope for the future, and please accept this virtual hug; I feel for you.  I believe that love is all around us in many forms. It’s in the smile of a close friend who is pleased to see you, it’s in the eyes of your parents when they look at you with pride, it’s in the laughter and shared memories of siblings and close family.  Love is not exclusively for lovers.  If you don’t have someone special just yet  I hope that you will find comfort in the love of your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, close friends, or son/daughter if you are blessed enough to have a child. Please remember that you are loved, you are special, you are wanted, you are needed.  I hope that some day you will find the love of your life, but until then I would like to send you my very best and I hope you will smile, stay positive, and enjoy the love you have of your friends and family.



Love’s ending

img_4188Tomorrow I will wear my favourite dress

Tomorrow I will cry a little less,

Tomorrow I will dance and think of you

Tomorrow I will sit and think things through

Tomorrow I will try and smile again

Tomorrow I will see your face and then

Tomorrow I will accept your love has died

Tomorrow I will regret I was your bride

Tomorrow I will pack my case and go

Tomorrow I will leave our house although

Tomorrow I will break my heart and grieve

Tomorrow I will know that I must leave.